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Today’s ever changing, dynamic and fast paced environment requires your people to possess agile skills and techniques so you stay ahead of your competitors.  Our change management solution is unique, powerful and utilises some of the world’s leading approaches to experiential change management education.

"An organisations ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."  Jack Welch  

For a minimal time and financial investment, a participant in just one of our workshops will very quickly deliver additional benefits exceeding five times multiple of this investment resulting in improved profits and reduced risks.

Benefits of attending a ChangeIDEAS© workshop include:

  • Increase the return on projects by 15%.
  • Address change issues faster, reduce project risks, deliver benefits sooner.
  • Time efficient learning using World Class Simulations.
  • Up to 80% of learning is retained by participants, therefore can be applied immediately and more effectively.

Participants who experience our ChangeIDEAS© model will make their projects more successful and with less adverse disruption to their business. 

Latest News

3pi are Silver Sponsors of the Ultimate Experiential Learning Challenge - The 2012 Fresh Connection National Competition

The Fresh Connection is an enriching and educational experience that provides a realistic and competitive environment to test competencies and build effective teams.  For your chance to win a team entry (4 participants required) valued at $1,800.00, email us at info@3pi.com.au with The Fresh Connection in the subject line.  For more information visit The Fresh Connection Website.

Editorial - The Fresh Connection

Supply Chain Optimization is all about improvement and improvement is enabled by Change Management.  Change Management is a widely used but often misunderstood term.  This editorial looks at Change Management as a neglected enabler, the cost of poor Change Management and the power of Experiential Learning to enable change.  To read more, please go to http://www.thefreshconnection.com.au/UserFiles/file/Supply%20Chain%20Transformations%20-%20Change%20Management.pdf  

Feature - Supply Chain Management in Australia

In a recent Supply Chain Management article in CIO Magazine, Kevin Farrington discussed the cost of the carbon tax on supply chain management. To read the Three Part Series, go to http://www.cio.com.au/article/401369/supply_chain_management_australia_-_part_3/